Architectural Signs

Way Finding

At SoFlo Signs we have worked with many Environmental design firms to ensure that the design intent is always delivered to the client. As your patrons engage in an environment a well designed identity and way finding program is a powerful tool to provide total support for people traveling through complex places.


SoFlo Signs can develop your high quality, cost effective ADA compliant signage. Our company can craft and manufacture the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) signage needed to ensure your business is navigable and accessible to all patrons. SoFlo Signs manufactures all kinds of ADA Signs. Contact us today so we can show you how!

Dimensional Letters

Fabricated from a number of different materials. Dimensional Letters or Plate Letters are a great and affordable method of displaying your brand. This can be a permanent part of your display using metals like Stainless Steel or Acrylic. Or an affordable temporary solution using durable materials like PVC and Foam that can be painted or finished to match any logo design or Architectural Element.

Architectural Elements

Accents to already existing structures. Let the team at SoFlo Signs show what we can create or work with your Architects or Designers to helping you achieve your vision.

Donor Plaques

Show your appreciation with a custom designed Donor Recognition System from SoFlo Signs. We can create a Donor Recognition Sign that will compliment your interiors or exteriors and help your organization attract new donors. SoFlo Signs has created Donor Recognition Signs for a wide variety of School, Colleges, Churches and civic organizations.