Commercial Signs

Channel Letters

Most often a channel letter is fabricated using aluminum. Using a computerized CNC Router we are able to cut the Backs of the letters to fit any logo or font shape. Then shaping the Aluminum sides (or Returns) to fit the contour of the design. Using the same cut file that we used to create the backs we then cut the faces. The faces are Acrylic and come in a large variety of colors, as well as the ability to Apply digital graphics or vinyl to the face to achieve maximum visibility and Brand Compliance. Most often the channel letters are illuminated using LED modules or even Neon.

Dimensional Letters

Manufactured out of several different substrates dimensional letters are often used as interior signage to an office or lobby. However we can also use this form of signage for exterior usage. Dimensional letters can be affordable way to create unique signage.

Window Graphics

By using vinyl lettering or digital prints to enhance your storefront’s appearance you have a variety of choices. Window graphics can easily by removed or can be a permanent form of marketing. SoFlo Signs can custom design your images or use yours to create an eye catching store front! By using new media’s, such as One-Way Vision you would be able to market to the outside without compromising visibility from the inside. Luckily there are so many new products out there to help us achieve your sign goals, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of window marketing.

Ground Signs

Often referred to as Monument signs, are a great way to promote multi-tenants or high vehicle traffic areas. Often constructed of Aluminum or HDU (high density urethane)you have the opportunity for many different custom designs. Let SoFlo Signs help you to maximize your exposure with a custom design.

Pole Signs

Defined as “any sign installed in or directly on the ground where the primary structural support is not a building but rather uprights, braces, columns, poles, or other vertical members.” Often seen close to highways where maximum visibility can be reached. At SoFlo Signs we always keep the customer in mind when designing a custom sign, assuring maximum exposure to the transit customer.


A great multi-functional architectural element that can also serve great signage exposure. Offered in many different materials and colors, can also be illuminated to serve as a great accent to any building. Let SoFlo Signs design your next commercial project and we will show you how Awnings work.

Architectural Lighting

Also known as accent lighting enables for suddle yet effective lighting with spectacular results. When placed in the proper positions Architectural lighting can set off a Store front or building with a unique accent.

Neon Signs

One of the oldest forms of Sign illuminations and also one of the most effective. A custom neon sign can capture the eye of any Future customer! When designing a custom neon sign the designers at SoFlo Signs know just what to do. Let us incorporate your logo into an eye catching neon sign that will demand attention! Or create a colorful storefront that will assure your visibility.